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our paper cutter is working harder
than is good for it. Your paper cutter operator is thinking of featuring the paper cutter stick to tourists as the new Grand Canyon. If your cutter was your child it would be put into foster care. Ok, so you replaced the blade 2 weeks ago. Since then your shop delivered 100,000 UV coated trifolds. Every cut cycle is now drawing 50% more current. Every tie rod, shoulder bolt and pin is getting worn out 3 times faster than they should because of the added load. The blade grinder missed your dull knife pick up last time he drove in from California and he isn't due in for 3 more days. That means you have 10 more days til you can install a sharp blade. The answer is easy: Las Vegas Grinding. Las Vegas Grinding offers:
  • Same Day Service
  • 24 Hour Service
  • Our no questions guarantee
  • Competitive Rates
  • Machine Knife Supplier
  • Industrial Equipment Supplier
  • Press and paper cutter Service Repair
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hipper blade sets should always be balanced!
When not carefully sharpened the blades can end up different sizes and more importantly, have a difference in weight. Unbalanced knife sets create excess vibration, thus increasing machine wear.
While there is a little variance in proceedure, the basic steps are as follows:
  • Clean knives
  • Inspect for fractures/damage
  • Mount on grinder
  • Set grind angle
  • Sharpen
We sharpen tree chipper blades, paper cutter blades, plastic processing blades, ice shaving blades(Zamboni), bagel cutter blades, planer blades, joiner blades. Essentially any straight edge machine knife blade. We use the same type of sharpening equipment as OEM knife suppliers use.
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